1 19-01-2018 Exemptions , Changes in GST Rates and ITC Eligibility Criteria.
2 03-02-2022 Key features of Union Budget 2022-2023
3 12-10-2018 About 92.68% (Rs 38,824 crore) of the total IGST refund claims have already been disposed. The remaining claims amounting to Rs. 3065 crores are held up on account of various deficiencies which have been communicated to exporters for remedial action
4 19-11-2017 Advisory to UIN Entities claiming GST Refunds.
5 09-10-2020 Annual Return (GSTR-9) and Reconciliation Statement (GSTR 9C) for FY 2018-19
6 20-11-2017 Appeal to Industry leaders to pass the benefit of GST Rate Reduction to the Consumers
7 14-06-2017 Carry Forward of unavailed Cenvat Credit
8 10-11-2017 CBIC Press Release On GST Rate Changes.
9 30-06-2018 Celebrating 1st July as ‘GST day’
10 28-06-2019 Celebration of GST Day on 1st July 2019.
11 03-11-2021 Centre releases Rs. 17,000 crore as GST Compensation to States/UTs
12 28-04-2022 Centre releases Rs.2.78 lakh crore compensation to states for 2020-2021 - Rs. 78,704 crore pending for 21-22.
13 22-12-2018 Certain important issues referred by GST Council to various Committees / GoM
14 12-06-2021 Change in GST Rates on goods being used in Covid19 relief and management.
15 16-11-2017 Changes in GST Rate on certain products from 28% to 18%.
16 28-05-2021 Changes in GST rates on supply of goods and services and changes related to GST law and procedure.
17 04-05-2018 Changes in the Shareholding Pattern of GSTN,
18 03-07-2019 Clarification on Annual Return
19 18-07-2018 Clarification on GST rates on hotel accommodation,
20 17-04-2018 Clarification on the manner of filing the quarterly return by composition dealers in FORM GSTR-4.
21 07-10-2022 Clarification regarding time limit for certain compliances pursuant to issuance of Notification No. 18/2022-Central Tax dated 28.09.2022
22 17-10-2018 Clarifying the manner of filing quarterly return by composition dealers in FORM GSTR-4.
23 25-05-2017 comparative analysis of GST Rates with the prevailing tax rates on Important Commodities
24 22-05-2017 Comparative analysis of GST Rates with the prevailing tax rates on important commodities,
25 22-07-2017 Concerns of the tax payers arising from transition to the GST regime,
26 01-07-2019 Conclusion of GST Day on 1st July,2019.
27 16-11-2017 Conduct an examination for confirmation of enrollment of Goods and Service Tax Practitioners (GSTP)
28 19-07-2019 Corrigendum to Circular No. 45/19/2018-GST dated 30th May, 2018 regarding filing of GSTR-3B
29 04-01-2022 Decision to change rates in textile industry recommended in 45th GST Council Meeting to be continued beyond 1st January 2022
30 22-12-2018 Decisions taken by the GST Council in the 31st meeting held on 22ndDecember 2018 regarding GST rate on services
31 07-08-2023 Discussion regarding GST taxability on online gaming and actionable claims in casinos in the 51st GST Council Meeting held on 2nd August 2023.
32 02-05-2021 Due to outbreak of second wave of Covid-19, various relief measures for taxpayers are provided.
33 28-05-2021 Exmptions from IGST and Cutoms from Covid-19 related goods and simplification of Annual Returns of FY 20-21
34 29-11-2017 Exporters shall file an application in FORM GST RFD- 01A on the common portal for refunds of IGST
35 18-05-2018 Extension of date for filing return in FORM GSTR-3B for the month of April, 2018.
36 10-09-2018 Extension of dates of FORM GSTR-1 and GSTR-3B.
37 30-12-2020 Extension of Due date of Annual Return for FY 2019-2020 from 31 December 2020 to 28 February 2021.
38 22-10-2018 Extension of due date to 25th October, 2018 for furnishing return in the FORM GSTR-3B for the month of September, 2018.
39 28-11-2018 Extension of due dates for filing GST returns - reg.
40 17-08-2017 Extension of GSTR FORM 3B
41 21-08-2018 Extension of last date for filing GST returns by taxpayers in Kerala, Mahe and Kodagu.
42 21-08-2018 Extension of last date for filing GSTR-3B for July, 2018.
43 20-04-2019 Extension of last date for furnishing return in FORM GSTR-3B for March, 2019 to 23.04.2019.
44 22-12-2018 Formation of GoM in pursuance of the decisions of the 31st GST Council Meeting - Reg.
45 28-10-2021 Government of India releases balance amount of Rs. 44,000 crore to States and UTs (with Legislature) under the back-to-back loan facility in-lieu of GST compensation
46 21-01-2022 Government of India releases second advance installment of Tax Devolution totalling Rs.90,082 Crores to States
47 08-06-2020 Government rolls out facility of filing of NIL GST Return through SMSc
48 27-06-2020 Government to roll out facility to file NIL Form GSTR-1 through SMS from first week of July
49 29-11-2021 Gross GST Collection in FY 2021-22 post COVID-19 pandemic outbreak are showing an increasing trend.
50 22-01-2018 GST Council in its 25th Meeting held on 18th January, 2018 at Delhi for the housing sector .
51 16-03-2018 GST Export Refunds,
52 02-07-2017 GST Implementation
53 21-07-2018 GST Law Amendments.
54 11-07-2017 GST on Free Food Supplied by Religious Places
55 10-07-2017 GST on Gifts,
56 26-05-2017 GST on Telecom Services,
57 20-02-2017 GST Outreach programme,
58 04-07-2017 GST rate for specified items for Physically Challenged Persons,
59 10-07-2017 GST Rates on Sanitary Napkins,
60 01-08-2022 GST Revenue collection of Rs.1,48,995 for July second highest ever & 28% higher than the revenues in the same month last year.
61 29-08-2017 GST Revenue Figures - July 17
62 26-09-2017 GST Revenue Figures -September 17.
63 24-10-2017 GST Revenue Figures as on 23rd October, 2017GST Revenue Figures as on 23rd October, 2017
64 04-07-2017 GST-KI-Master Class
65 25-08-2017 Guidance for taxpayers in relation to GST,
66 20-06-2019 IGST refunds to the exporters for taking further necessary action.  
67 07-03-2019 Implementation of various decisions taken by the GST Council for the MSME sector,
68 22-12-2018 In-Principle approval given for Law Amendments during 31st Meeting of the GST Council,
69 15-11-2021 Inauguration of Customs and GST pavillion at 40th India International Trade Fair
70 04-05-2018 Incentive to Promote Digital Transaction and Imposition on Sugar cess.
71 31-03-2021 Increase in digits of HSN from 2 & 4 to 4 & 6 respectively. Accrodingly, the HSN/SAC shall be furnished in the invoices w.e.f. 1st April 2021.
72 06-02-2020 Introduction of Machine based automated clearance of imported goods.
73 08-07-2017 Jammu & Kashmir Joins GST,
74 30-10-2017 Last date for filing GSTR-2 & GSTR-3,
76 17-07-2017 Launched a mobile application "GST Rate Finder"
77 20-09-2020 Law and Procedure related changes in the 37th Meeting of GST Council on 20th September 2019.
78 01-06-2022 May 2022 GST revenue surpass Rs,140 Lakh Crore Mark, defying historical trends.
79 01-07-2020 Message of Hon’ble Finance Minister and Hon’ble MoS on GST Day.
80 25-07-2017 National Anti-profiteering Authority under GST,
81 09-10-2017 No Extenstion of last date for GSTR-1 filing
82 17-08-2017 On clarification regarding availability of transitional credit for GST,
83 31-03-2020 Ordinance on 31.03.2020 which provides for extension of various time limits under the Taxation and Benami Acts
84 07-01-2020 Press Release on 2nd National GST Conference
85 14-03-2020 Press Release on 39th GST Council Meeting- GST Rates
86 14-03-2020 Press Release on 39th GST Council Meeting- Law and Procedure
87 14-03-2020 Press Release on 39th GST Council Meeting-IT Issuue
88 06-03-2020 Press Release on 3rd National GST Conference
89 15-07-2017 Provisions related to registration in GST regime,
90 07-10-2023 Recommendation by GST Council in 52 GST Council Meeting regarding the appointment of President and Members of GST Appellate Tribunal, Nil rate for certain food items, Extra Neutral Alcohol, GST on Molasses, and promoting tourism.
91 29-06-2022 Recommendation of GST Council on various matters such as Change in rate for certain goods or services, Withdrawl of Exemption, Measures fo Trade Facilitation and streamlining compliance in GST.
92 10-11-2017 Recommendations made by the GST Council in the 23rd meeting at Guwahati
93 22-12-2018 Recommendations made during 31st Meeting of the GST Council held on 22nd December, 2018 (New Delhi)-Rate changes and clarification in Goods
94 22-12-2018 Recommendations made during 31stMeeting of the GST Council.
95 10-01-2019 Recommendations made during 32nd Meeting of the GST Council
96 12-06-2020 Recommendations of GST council related to Law&Procedure
97 20-09-2021 Recommendations related to GST rates on goods and services and GST Law and Procedure
98 17-12-2022 Recommendations relating to changes in GST tax rates, measures for facilitation of trade and measures for streamlining compliances in GST.
99 15-06-2017 Reduced Liability of Tax on complex, building, flat etc. under GST,
100 15-06-2017 Reduced Tax Liabilities under GST regime in comparison to present combined Indirect Tax rates,
101 22-01-2018 Reduction of GST rate for admission to Amusement Parks etc.
102 01-08-2018 Refunds Processed Under GST during the refund fortnight
103 21-06-2021 Registered brand name in the context of GST rates
104 01-06-2022 Release of Rs. 86,912 crores, the compensation to States till May 2022 gets fully paid, and only compensation for June 2022 would remain.
105 25-03-2017 Reorganisation of CBIC field formations for the implementation of GST,
106 01-09-2022 Revenues for August 2022 were 28% higher than the GST revenues in the same month in 2021.
107 07-10-2022 Revenues for the month of September 2022 are 26% higher than the GST revenues in the same month in 2021
108 02-01-2023 Rs 1,49,507 crore GST Revenue collected for December 2022, records increase of 15% Year-on year
109 01-03-2023 Rs. 1,49,577 crore gross GST revenue was collected in February 2023; 12% higher than GST revenues in the same month last year.
110 03-07-2019 Second Press release on Annual Return (FORM GSTR-9) and Reconciliation Statement (FORM GSTR-9C). 
111 03-12-2018 Status of GST Refunds,
112 01-07-2020 Strive to make GST Tax Administration simple ensuring Ease of Doing Business on GST Day.
113 13-07-2023 Suitable Amendments be made to the GST law to include online gaming and horse racing in Schedule III of the CGST Act as taxable actionable claims and changes in rates of certain goods and services.
114 01-02-2022 Summary of Economic Survey 21-22 depicting Indian Economy to grow by 9.2% in real terms in 21-22.
115 05-04-2022 The average monthly gross GST collection for the third quarter of FY 2021-22 is Rs.1.30 lakh crore and the highest record GST collection of Rs.1,40,986 crore was reported for January 2022.
116 19-03-2019 the decisions taken by the GST Council in its 34th meeting
117 18-02-2023 The government clears pending GST Compensation, adopts the GoM report on the GST Appellate Tribunal and Special Composition Scheme, and updates GST rates for "Rab" and Pencil Sharpener.
118 02-05-2022 The gross GST collection in April 2022 is all-time high, Rs 25,000 crore more than the next highest collection of Rs. 1,42,095 crore, just last month.
119 25-07-2017 The GST Saga,
120 30-08-2017 The maximum rate, at which Goods and Service Tax Compensation Cess may be collected, is 15%.
121 10-11-2017 The return filing process is to be further simplified in 23rd GST Council Meeting.
122 07-10-2021 Total amount of Rs. 1,15,000 crore released in current year to meet GST compensation shortfall.
123 11-06-2019 Transition Plan to the new GST Return. 
124 06-04-2018 Uniform rate of GST to apply in all railway catering services in trains or on stations.
125 24-10-2017 Waiver of late fee on filing of GSTR-3B for August and September, 2017.